Line Elementary School

818 Water St.

West Newfield, Maine 04095

Phone:(207) 793-4100

Fax: (207) 793-2425

Principal: Timothy Stinson

Assistant Principal: Marisa Penney


Office: 8am - 4pm

School: 8:45am - 3:05pm

Hampstead Stage Presents: Robin Hood

First Grade Apple Activity

First graders in Mrs. Pettis and Mr. Kellis' classrooms worked together to count seeds inside of apples and measure the circumference. Students then wrote descriptive words about their apples based on their 5 senses. To finish up the activity, students got to eat their delicious apples!

PreK Exploration

PreK students in Miss Judkin's classroom had the opportunity to do an outdoor exploration activity with Mrs. Boemmels. The class was brought to the nature trail next to the school where they were then given collection bags. Students explored the trail and collected nature items and also found a "special fairy tool" that the fairies had left on the trail. Students then sorted their items in their bags based on similarities and differences. The special fairy tool resembled Play-Doh, and the kids then built items using their items from their collections!

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